So We Begin

This is the post excerpt.


In 2018, I am going to enter a Spartan race.  I will enter a Spartan Sprint and (hopefully) love every minute of it.

I haven’t advertised my intent to begin.  No one in my life knows I am going to do this.  Let me restate.  Beyond the friend that challenged me, my spouse, and the one friend that says, “crazy is my wheelhouse,” I’ve told no one of my intent.  Maybe it is my fear of failure.  When discussing my intent with T (as I will call the spouse), I told him that I wanted to document everything.  Where I begin, where I end up, every step between.  It was T’s idea to blog it.  He said that if I do so, I will hold myself accountable.  So, instead of telling those closest to me of what I want to do, I am telling the world.  As crazy as this seems, it makes perfect sense to me.

So I begin.

I’ve downloaded the obligatory meal and fitness tracking app on my smartphone.  I am tracking every little thing that enters my mouth, beginning today.  The first photo will be my “before” photo.  It will be the place from where I am starting.  I am starting from forty-four years old and ending up at forty-five years old.  When I am forty-five, I will be in my first Spartan race.  The final photo will be the finish line at the Spartan Sprint.

I begin.


Day 5

I went back to the gym on day 2.  It was arm day.  Arm day was just as difficult as leg day.  My legs never got as sore as I expected them to get.  My arms also did not get sore/painful.  I had the “good sore” feeling for a couple of days after each workout.  I am also doing better with my caloric intake.

Days three and four were awful.

Let me tell you a little bit about this little journey I’ve decided to take.  I didn’t factor in the period of time where my uterus will most certainly betray me every single month without fail.  On day 3 of this adventure, I received my “visit.”  The first two days of my period are awful.  The cramps and nausea are terrible every single month, like clockwork. I did not go to the gym.  I did not eat “correct” calories.  I was a complete and total bum.  I have not been tracking my intake in my fitness app, either.  BUM, I tell you.

To be perfectly honest, I do not consider this a setback.  I consider this The Monthly Betrayal Of The Uterine Lining.  Let’s be honest here.  Periods suck hairy bean bags.  They are the worst part of the lives of all women.  It is my frank opinion that if a woman tells you that they aren’t bothered by their period, they’re lying through their teeth.  They’re simply trying to prove to you that they’re the strongest, toughest chick to ever change a tampon.

The whole, “it’s a wonderful miracle because we have the ability to carry children” blah blah blah is garbage.  PERIODS SUCK!

And that is my mood on Day Five of my Spartan Sprint adventure/day 3 of my period.

With that, I am going to have a TERRIBLE lunch and (hopefully) work out later this afternoon.  I will snap out of this funk just as surely as this Uterine Betrayal will end.


Day 2

The first day went just as expected, with one exception.  I have not added my “before” photo.  As it is still very early, I will plan to do this before the week ends.  I’ve made a decision since making my declarative, “I begin” statement.


I am not going to discuss numbers.


I am not going to discuss looks.


I made the decision to exercise (again) this year following my annual physical.  My annual labs fueled the decision.  Cholesterol, sodium, potassium, etc.  These are the values that helped moved this decision along.  The way I FEEL also helped motivate my decision to exercise and become healthier.  I do not like feeling like I cannot run a mile.  I do not like becoming winded when I walk up a steep hill.  At forty-four, I am still young enough to reverse all of this and live a healthy, good life.  Along with the exercise, I am changing the way I am eating.  I am eating as clean as I can and still “feel human.”


Yesterday, I did three things.  1) I downloaded an app to my smartphone to assist in tracking my intake.  I want to make sure I am eating right.  2)  I actually made it to the gym.  3)  I met with the gym’s trainer for my focus meeting.  These are a requirement of membership.




I belong to a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) gym.  Examples include Boot Camp & Cross Fit.  The workouts at my particular gym are always forty-five minutes long.  They are designed to build strength and give a very good cardio workout at the same time.  Yesterday was leg day.  Let me tell you about leg day.  I know leg day is necessary and you must focus on the bottom half of your body as much as you must focus on the top and middle.  Since beginning my gym membership, I have actually only participated in one other leg day.  It was two weeks ago.  I was so sore afterward that yesterday was actually my first day back to the gym.  I skipped a week and a HALF!  Needless to say, I am not a fan of leg day.


You know what?  I am not as sore today as I expected.  My experience with leg day two weeks ago had me very sore the next day.  Actually, I was in pain.  For five days.  I also know that tomorrow, I will be very sore.  I am going back.  The best thing for soreness is working out the sore.




I downloaded one of the many available apps to track my caloric intake.  One of the things I have noticed when trying to eat healthy is that I am always hungry.  I am not eating enough calories.  I discovered this very quickly after beginning to enter my intake yesterday.  I must work on making sure I have enough calories and that they are the correct type of calories.


I told the trainer what my goal is.  In one year, I plan to run a Spartan Sprint.  He told me I can do it.  He said that I should show up to the gym 4-6 times per week and make sure I am eating enough protein.  He outlined three meals, two snacks, two protein shakes per day.  The trainer said simply, “make sure you are getting enough protein and the calories will follow.  Ignore the rest for now.”

There you have it.  Day one is complete.  Day two is underway.  I have the gym clothes in the car, so I can go back to the gym tonight.  Update tomorrow!